Youth Academy

We are a non-profit organization that builds bridges between young people and society. We work with partner organizations in Finland and internationally to:

  • Support young people’s own projects, ambitions, learning and participation
  • Provide tools and training for adults who work with young people

Our projects are firmly based on the needs and trends of today’s society: themes range from climate change to sexual health and from personal economy to traffic safety.

Our projects are funded by organizations of different shapes and sizes. The Ministry of Education and Culture and Finland’s Slot Machine Association are among our most important partners. In addition we cooperate with a number of other public institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Finnish Transport Agency and the European Union. We also receive funding from private trusts and companies. Our member organizations include the largest Finnish youth and sport associations.

We are interested in international collaboration with different kind of organizations. Find out more about us in our partner identification form: NA PIF 2022